Thursday, July 15, 2010

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Sunday, July 12, 2009

HUGE update post.

Well, I'm terrible at blogging! As you can see, my last entry was on the first day of school, which was what, nine months ago? More than that, I think. But don't complain because here I am making a new entry!

It's summer, which would normally mean a nice three-month break but I'm easing my way into the world of grown-ups and continuing to take classes during summer term. It's a funny transition--you spend the first two decades of your life getting long summer breaks and suddenly they're ripped away from you! How cruel. That said, I'm actually really enjoying my classes. I am currently taking Forensic Anthropology, which is basically a CSI class. We've been split into groups and each have an actual skeleton to analyze and at the end of the term, we'll be giving a report on it as a medical examiner would be doing in the real world. It's really exciting, and only slightly disturbing. The most interesting part is analyzing the skeleton--our guy had pretty bad osteoarthritis, and at one point fractured one of his hands. He also has dentures on top and really bad lower teeth--our professor said it was because he was a meth user. Insane what that disgusting drug will do to a person's body!

Next half of the term (in just a week, yikes!) I'll be taking a heavier course load. I'm taking three classes, one of which goes from 8 am to 5 pm on Fridays only. It will be interesting trying to stay alert and focused on one topic for that long! I'm taking all anthropology classes at this point. I'm really excited about my major, and it won't be much longer until I'm done! If all goes according to plan, I should be done at the end of winter term next year. Amazing! It will feel so great to be a college graduate.

I lost my job as a nanny right as the spring term ended--because of the awful economy, my boss lost her job as the nutrition supervisor for Springfield school district, and obviously an unemployed parent doesn't really need a nanny. But I got a call from her last week saying she thinks she's about to start a new job, and will need me again soon! September at the latest, but hopefully I'll have a few days of work during the summer months. With the support of my amazing parents, I do okay while not working, but it is definitely nice to earn my own money and not feel like such a mooch. The job market is awful here so I'm really hoping this nanny thing will pick back up and carry me through the school year. That way, I can finish school in winter and stay in Eugene until my lease is up next June, supporting myself for the last few months of that. Then, once Chris has graduated (winter or spring for him!) we are planning on leaving Eugene. We haven't decided where to go yet but are thinking tenatively of leaving Oregon! Crazy, since I've been living here for 10 YEARS! That is a long time for me. He's lived in Oregon his whole life, so it will be interesting for both of us.

I moved into a really great new house. I'm no longer living with three other loud girls! I can sleep at night without having to listen to them playing foos ball with loud music on. I now live with Anya, one of my roommates from last year, and a really sweet girl named Spencer and her dog, Porter. Our new house is ADORABLE, with arched doorways/cielings and hardwood floors. My rent is much cheaper and I have a vegetable garden. I'm much happier here than I was at my old house. My room is really big and on the second story, which is a dream come true!

Okay, how about some pictures? I went camping with Chris right after spring term ended at a place called the Blue River Resevoir. I did some fishing but no luck (I've apparently inherited Dad's ineptitude at angling, as I've been fishing at least once a week all summer and haven't gotten a single BITE!) and mostly just lazed around the campground. Here are some pictures of that trip:

Here is our shelter. It was warm enough that we didn't even need a tent, just this tarp to keep us dry when it started raining. I am really proud because I built it on my own!

Here's a super gross mushy kissy picture of us on the Blue River before it is dammed and becomes the resevoir. This is where I had my line in the water and could actually see fish in the water completely ignoring it...sigh.

And here is what happens when I set the timer on the camera, run to sit next to Chris before the picture is taken, and stomp on his leg as I sit down. Oops, haha.

And some pictures of the house, yay!

Here is our adorable living room. This is just after we moved in, so it looks a little bare. Where that red chair is we now have a comfy blue papasan chair, and some more stuff on the walls. LOVE the wood much nicer than carpet!

Here is one part of my room: I have a dormer window! It's really cool, and a lovely spot to sit and read. I'm so happy to have a bookshelf, too! And you can see my built in dresser. The bottom drawer is so long I'm pretty sure I could sleep in it.

And now I'm standing in the dormer window nook, looking at the rest of the room. It is ENORMOUS and so great. Here you can see my bed nook, which I really like--it frees up so much space in the rest of the room. I think I need some more furniture! The silly velvet chair is from our old house and really comfy--it belonged to my old roommate Marta but she was going to throw it out so I snagged it because it's great to sit in and read or write. In the upper right corner you can just see my cool paper lamps from Ikea. Also please ignore the beer bottle on my table, haha, and note my Beatles posters.

In fact, here's a better view of them :) I love the fact that I have THREE windows in my room. It keeps it really cool at night. That map is a vintage one from National Geographic.

We have a kitchen that is really 50's style, with red counters and white cabinets, and actually have a fourth bedroom that we've set up with a second tv and video game stuff for when people come over. We all share one bathroom but with three people it's not a problem at all, unlike having one bathroom between four people in the old house, yuck! We're trying really hard to keep it neat and tidy, and we've been having people over a lot. I'm so happy here!

Okay, as it's 11 pm and I need to be up at 7 tomorrow, I should probably get to sleep! Hope everyone is well.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

First week of school!

Classes started Monday! I managed to get my books bought on time. My art class seems cool, despite our first assignment to create a three-foot-tall cardboard sculpture representing our personalities. It should be a challenge, to say the least. I am in two other classes, both of which are anthropology. In one class on the first day, we watched Indiana Jones. I thought that was pretty funny.

On Monday morning, I woke up with a funny feeling in my nose and yesterday it turned in to a full-blown runny nose. Today my sinuses, ears, and lymph nodes were hurting so bad that I went to see a doctor at the school clinic. He gave me a strep test, which came back negative, and otherwise was really dismissive. I am convinced I need antibiotics for my lymph node infection, since that's what they gave me last time, but he refused to listen to me about that. So, I am hoping the pain and the rest of the stupid cold symptoms will go away in the next few days. It is so just my luck to get sick on the first day of school! If this entry seems lackluster, the sinus headache I'm experiencing is probably to blame.

My job is going well. I really love the kids I'm taking care of. The older one is really intelligent and I love talking to him, and the younger one is just plain adorable.

I don't have class until noon tomorrow so I could stay up late tonight if I wanted to, but I think I'm going to hit the hay nice and early to try to get this cold taken care of!

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Back to School

School starts on Monday! I keep going back and forth about wether or not I'm happy about it, because it means the end of my break but it also means I'm slowly getting closer to graduating (FINALLY). I haven't bought my books yet so I'll have to get that sorted out sometime during the week.

And in the AWESOME NEWS department, I have a job! I found a really cool woman who is going to employ me as a nanny-type-person to take care of two of her three boys after school. They are in 2nd and 4th grade and I'll be spending an hour and a half with them on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday, and two and a half hours on Wednesday, with Fridays off. Just enough hours to make my situation in Eugene more comfortable, money-wise, but not so much that I'm going to be bogged down trying to juggle school and work.

I went to a concert in someone's basement last night, which was really funny. I always like watching my friends' band, The Blast Majesty, and they were awesome last night.

I have two new roommates! Katy and Logan are both moved out, and now the only roommate from last year is Hannah. The two new girls are Marta and Anya. Marta is a friend who we've known for a while, and Anya is someone we found online. They are both really fun and I'm looking forward to spending the next year living with them.

A few days ago Chris and I did the chore of getting his passport application sent in. Getting the pictures was difficult, since they have such specific regulations about size, but we managed to get one that works. His mom left me in charge of his birth certificiate because she doesn't trust him not to lose it, ha ha. I'm just crossing my fingers that they will send it back in one piece! His passport should be getting here in the mail in a couple of weeks, and I'm excited about it because it means we're one step closer to our Qatar trip! We are both really happy and excited about the trip. Chris has been fantasizing about eating at random Pakistani and Iranian restaurants, and I'm just excited to see the sun again. Since getting back to Eugene it's been pretty gray and rainy, which sucks, but that's what I get for living in Oregon I guess!

Well, that's all I have for now, but I'm sure I'll be updating again soon with news about my new classes! Love to everyone.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Another update :)

So, I talked to Kim today and I guess I let it go too long without updating!! Here's an update, haha.

The weather has been INSANE here. This weekend, it was upwards of 90 degrees! We've been waiting for spring, and suddenly we get a heat wave out of nowhere. Of course, yesterday it went back to normal and started raining and it's yucky and cold today, but hopefully the heat will come back. Since the weather was so nice, we've been having BBQs and going to the park. Here I am in the grass in the park on Sunday evening with Chris. Chris looks furious in the picture of us because he had a stomachache and I made him go to the park with me... he was not happy about it.

And here I am with Clutch, the rat, who likes to go to the park with me. He eats clovers. (Check out my sweet double chin!)
Also, I've been getting into a type of photography called "Through The Viewfinder" where you use a digital camera to take a picture through the viewfinder of another camera. To photo nerds like me, it's kind of a big deal, because you can make a digital photo look a lot like an old-fashioned photo. Here's a picture of me, rocking my deliciously white-trash cut-off flannel at a BBQ. Oh, and I don't know if you can really tell from these pictures too well but I've been using Sun-In in my hair and it's getting a little lighter! Today I learned how to tie flies... you know, for fishing. Chris is in to fly fishing and had a kit to learn so we both spent the entire day tying them following instructions from this book. It was actually really fun... well, fun for me cause it's kind of crafty since you get to make something, and fun for Chris because he's really terrible and slow at it but I'm good so now he doesn't have to spend money buying flies at the store.

Well, that's all I have for today! Hugs and kisses.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Some pictures

At Kim's request, I'm making a post of pictures "of me and not dogs". Haha!

For Chris's 23rd birthday, his roommates threw him an (incredibly politically incorrect) "Cowboys and Indians" party. There I am in my Indian costume with my goofy cowboy boyfriend.

Here are Talya and I playing Scrabble with Chris and our step-brother Dylan at our cabin in Troy. We went there during winter term and played a ton of board games.
During Spring break I got to go to Chris's family cabin in Tygh Valley, which is about 1/2 an hour from The Dalles on the Columbia River. We go to shoot guns, which was super fun. Here I am with a .22 hand gun. Turns out I'm a pretty good shot! The big guns were scary, but I liked this little one.
Here I am doing yoga in my back yard on our porch. I really love our back yard, and now that it's warming up we're outside constantly!
And here I am studying in the Knight Library on campus. It's the biggest library I've ever been in and I love it! There are so many books and I like to just wander around and pull random books from the shelves until I find one I like.
And I'm going to be self-indulgent and include a picture where I think I look pretty :D I'm in Chris's bedroom in this picture--his walls are painted lime green and pink! Apparently a little girl lived there last. Haha!
I'll keep updating with pictures, since Chris has a really nice digital camera that I love using.

First Entry

Since Kim has been writing in the family blog, I decided to start one on this site as well so I can write and keep in touch this way.

Last night I went to a really good concert. My roommate Logan's best friend is the singer in the band Eskimo and Sons. (Click to see their MySpace and hear some of their songs!) They are a band from Portland but the campus radio station, KWVA, had their 15th birthday party last night and Eskimo and Sons came to Eugene to play at it. There were quite a few other bands, including one that my friends are in called Blast Majesty. They have played in our garage so it was very cool to see them play on a real stage! There were three other bands which were also pretty good.

Today Chris and I took his dog Grendel to the dog park. Since I don't have a dog, it is nice to be able to "borrow" his sometimes. I really miss Lucy since we had to put her to sleep and I can't wait until I am stable enough on my own to be a dog owner again, but until then Grendel is a nice substitute. She is an English Pointer and is really sweet.

Here is a recent picture of Grendel:

I am waiting to be called by Hollywood Video about my second "panel" interview with them. I did well at my first interview, which was very informal. I am hoping they will choose to employ me, since I have worked at Hollywood before which means I wouldn't have to be trained which would save them time and money.

This weekend was my German Retreat. It was a one credit pass/fail class (I passed!) that entailed spending a night in a lodge and speaking ZERO ENGLISH. It was really hard since I'm only a first year student, but the higher level students helped me figure out what I was trying to say most of the time. We learned some traditional German dances and songs, and had a potluck with German food. I held real conversations in German and even played cards in German! It was really fun! It makes me want to go to Germany. Chris has a good friend who lives there and he said it would be really fun to go visit him, and I agree. I am planning on taking German 105 this summer and then I'll be able to take the 200 level courses next year since I didn't get in to a class this term. The class in the summer would only go from July 23rd to August 13th and would be a fast-paced intensive, but I think it will be fun. The teacher would be a native German speaker, which would be neat!

I am also taking a History class and a Linguistics class this term. My History class is a basic one covering the 17th and 18th centuries, but my Linguistics class is really interesting. It is called "Language, Gender, and Power" and is about how the dialects of females and males differ. It gives me a lot of insight on why males and females often have trouble communicating.

I'm having a lot of fun this term! I'll be trying to update this blog weekly, to keep you guys posted on what I've been up to. Miss and love you all!